Arrival and Dismissal

Student Arrivals:

Bus: Scituate Public Schools has a fee-based transportation policy. If you reside under 2 miles from school, you have to pay for your transportation. Students are picked up at the neighborhood stops and dropped off at school. Bus schedules are posted on the SPS website prior to Labor Day weekend. Sign-ups for transportation occur each June, or whenever new families register. One application can cover students K-12. There is no free transportation for any 7-12th grade students.

Car: Parents may drop off their child by using the drive through lane no earlier than 8:40 a.m. There will be staff members to supervise the crosswalk. Please pull all the way up to the end of the driveway and drop off quickly to keep the line moving.

Walkers: Our crossing guard will assist students who cross the driveway and lower parking lot entrance.

Dismissal Routines:

Dismissal is at 3:25 p.m.

1st Bus: Students are dismissed from their classrooms one bus at a time. Students may get off at another stop with a friend IF they ride the SAME bus and IF they have a note for the school to obtain a special bus slip. Students may NOT ride a DIFFERENT bus than their own. If students want to go to a friends’ house, who does not ride the same bus, they must bring a note and be dismissed as a walker or car rider.

2nd Car: The parents, who are picking their children up, may drive up to the front of the lane in the center of the island located in front of the school and wait for their children.  They must have their student's first and last name in the top right corner of their dash board (new fall 2020). If the lane is full, cars may line up on the right hand side of the school driveway. Students will be called to the “car rider” lane after the buses have departed. Please have your children buckle in quickly to keep the line moving.

3rd Walkers: Students who walk to school are dismissed and supervised to the crosswalk by the side of the school by a staff member. The crossing guard crosses students by the lower parking lot and the driveway. 
Please ALWAYS obey our crossing guard. No student pickup in the lower lot.

Changes in Dismissal: Please send a written note in with your child when there is a change in dismissal. Hatherly has an easy form (”Note to School”) on our website, and copies are always available in the lobby. Our PTO also sells preprinted “Note to School” pads at the school store. You may also email [email protected] to change dismissal. Phone calls to school are a less preferred option and need to be received at least 15 minutes before dismissal.
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